Ivan Jubert Guimar„es

Today, I've lunch in the same place,
Trying to revival a beautiful meeting
So, a tear has appeared in my face
And I wake up from my feelings

In the car, only the sound of my own voice,
But the radio was playing Love is a many splendored-thing.
Maybe now there is no choice
Because I am a slave, on the last Friday I was a king.

And now that night comes colder
I'd like to have you near,
I remember your head on my shoulders
But I'm alone, you aren't here.

It is an affair to remember forever
Your kisses, your hair, your skin
And I won't forget it, never;
Even knowing that it is an impossible dream.

I'd like to see you again
And I'd love to hold your hands;
I believe in a friendship between a woman and a man
And I want you as my best friend.

Ivan Jubert Guimar„es

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